RealMVMT LVL1 Community

RealMVMT LVL1 Community

100.00 every month

What does it take to get great results most of the time? RealMVMT LVL1 is a highly successful, proven system that builds athletes and everyday Joe’s into beasts.

There has never been such a powerful, accessible holistic product for helping coaches achieve world’s best results. Keegan suffered through many health and performance crisis to build this winning system that you can access today.


The Ultimate Holistic Performance Education

What does it take to make the best athletes better and help people with poor health and performance to reach an elite level?

What you get:

Become a leader in performance.

Here’s how…

  • Online Learning Portal (value $1500) - Complete the content. Take the tests. Become certified and recognised among the best on the RealMVMT website.

  • Online Training (value $800/ 3 months) - Practice what you preach and understand through experience what it takes to become a well rounded athlete. This sets RealMVMT education apart from other programs.

  • Members Community (value priceless) - Connect with likeminded individuals who are becoming their best every week. Learn and win together building friendships and connections for life around the world.

  • 1-1 Accountability ($500/ 3 months) - What do you need to happen in your life? Write it down, share it, get it done. We’re here to support you to explore the greatness you can only reach with the support you need. Set and achieve mind, performance and health goals

  • 1-1 Strategy Session ($250) - Get clear on why you’re here and where you’re headed. Get your questions answered.

  • Qualify to upgrade to the RealMVMT Elite community with business support, 4-day intensives, on-going strategy sessions and more…

Courses you will access as a RealMVMT Member:

  • RealMVMT level 1 - movement, wellness and mind.

  • ATG for coaches - rehabilitation, athletic development.

  • RealMVMT Skill & mobility library - juggling, mobility, foot skills, rubix cube etc.

  • RealMVMT Athlete Guide - what nobody taught you about being an elite athlete.

  • Coming soon: Weightlifting for athletes and competitors, hand balancing and gymnastics,

RealMVMT Level 1 Online.

10 hours of content including quizes and exams. This course is guaranteed to expand your vision of what’s possible and your toolbox for getting the results you’ve always wanted.

Content Map


  • Why RealMVMT - The 3 Challenges

  • RealMVMT Outcomes

  • Coaching Success Basics

  • Core Pillars

  • 3 Desired Outcomes

  • Become An Athlete


  • Framework

  • Range Of Motion

  • Initial Assessment

  • Repetition Execution

  • Tempo

  • Introduction to programming

  • Coaching winning sessions

  • Understanding muscle contraction types

  • Muscle Balance

  • Loaded Carries

  • Exercise Selection (Lower Body)

  • Exercise Selection (Upper Body - Presses)

  • Exercise Selection (Upper Body - Pulls)

  • Exercise Selection Trunk

  • Introduction to speed / power

  • Your handstand journey

  • Juggling


  • EMC > Einstein for wellness

  • Wellness checklist

  • Getting healthy lean

  • Muscle number and physique number

  • Stress and your neural system

  • Gaining muscle

  • How to eat for health


  • Targets

  • Freedoms

  • AMGD

ATG For Coaches

This course includes quizzes and exams as well as

  • Understand movement execution

  • Understand which movements to use when

  • Access real ATG programming with the breakdown from a coaches perspective